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Southern Europe: continuities and changes
Call for Papers

Southern Europe was simultaneously a place of matrices of European identity and of crossing of peoples and cultures and Southern European seas have been constantly calling. But what is Southern Europe? A geographic representation only? Or this continental morphology has fostered historical, cultural, economic, social, and demographic transversal dynamics which may have been diluting over time with the globalizing tendencies, but which can also re-emerge and transform in new political, ideological and juridical facts and conceptualizations, particularly resulting from the process of European integration. The multiple crisis ravaging European Union and Europe in the last years have been exposing this part of the continent to tensions that have revealed fragilities and new economic and socio-political dynamics, which quite often reflect a more disaggregating than unifier discourse.

Under the motto “continuities and changes”, this conference intends to bring together to debate research from several scientific fields, which can make converge structural continuities and cyclical changes of the fatality of history, geography, politics, environment and society of the Southern Europe.  Particular attention should be paid to the relation of this geographic area with the whole European dynamics, mainly European integration.

We invite communications in the following streams:


  1. The Southern European states and European integration
  2. Civil Society and the citizens participation in the Southern European states and European Union
  3. Challenges of Southern Europe within the scope of intercultural and immigration policies
  4. Political dynamics in the Southern European states and election to European Parliament
  5. Tensions between northern and southern states: different narratives and/or different realities
  6. External relations of the Southern European States and the EU
  7. Economic policy(ies) of the Southern European states
  8. Criminal and penal European dynamics
  9. Cultural features of Southern Europe
  10. Governance and ingovernabilityin the Southern European states

Proposal submissions: 30 september
Notifications of acceptance: 15 October
Registration: 31 October

Submissions here
In Portuguese or English with:

  • Author’s name, institutional affiliation and brief biographical note (until 600 characters with spaces)
  • Title of communication
  • Abstract (until 2000 characters with spaces)
  • Number of stream to which the proposal fits

Registration fees:
General registration: 20€ | CEIS20 members: 10€ | Students: 5€ 

Steering Committee:
Dina Sebastião (CEIS20 | FLUC-UC)
Dulce Lopes (IJ | CEIS20 |FDUC – UC)
Fátima Velez de Castro (CEGOT | RISCOS | FLUC – UC)
Isabel Baltazar (IHC/FSCH –UNL | CEIS20)

Scientific Committee:
António Martins da Silva (CEIS20 – UC)
João Paulo Avelãs Nunes (CEIS20 | FLUC-UC)
Maria Manuela Tavares (CEIS20-UC)
Alexandra Aragão (IJ/CEIS20 | FDUC-UC)
João Luís Fernandes (CEIS20 | FLUC-UC)
Maria João Guia (IJ-UC)
António Portugal (FEUC-UC)
Isabel Camisão (CICP)


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